Baking soda for drug test

Have you ever tried baking soda to pass drug test? According to many social media platforms, many people think that baking soda can beat a urine drug test. People who consume substances like methamphetamine and cannabis are curious to know if they can clear a drug test with the help of baking soda.

Baking soda is a popular way to increase the retention of drugs in your system so the drug metabolites don’t get mixed with urine. But can you trust this method? And what are the consequences of this method?

In this article, we will answer these questions and more. So, let us get into the details and find out “does baking soda detox your body?”

What Is Baking Soda?


You must be aware of baking soda. It is a common item in any kitchen. Besides, they are known as sodium bicarbonate which is also an antacid. Baking soda is used as a laxative. You can find them in mouthwashes and toothpaste. It is also an effective way to prevent fatigue and muscle soreness in athletes. In addition, it is recently used for clearing drug tests as well.

What Is This Baking Soda Flush?


Individuals are taking the help of sodium bicarbonate to help pass drug tests. This is commonly known as the baking soda or sodium bicarbonate flush. As far as the old test methods work, baking soda does its job well. But does it help to detox the body? Honestly, it only makes the drugs untraceable. Baking soda does not cleanse your system. Instead, it is a component that decreases acidity.

Many consumers claim that they are using sodium bicarbonate to boost drug retention. Baking soda does not detoxify the body. But it makes your urine alkaline. When your pee gets alkaline, it allows you to pass drug tests easily.

Instructions On How to Use Baking Soda to Pass A Drug Test


The urine test is a common and reliable drug test method. The majority of pre-employment drug tests tend to be urine drug tests. To beat a urine drug test isn’t child’s play even though the market is flooded with detox products.

If you don’t want to use any of those products then baking soda flush might be something you would like to try. But remember this method will not work if you are taking cocaine, opium, or nicotine. It only works for meth users and to some extent for marijuana users.

Here is how you can clear any drug test with ease:

  1.   Take a cup of water. Now you need to add baking soda to the water. Add around 2 or 3 tablespoons of it.
  2.   You need to consume this solution for at least 2-3 hours before taking the drug test.
  3.   When you drink the solution, it will cause an imbalance in the pH. The ideal range should be around 4.5-8.0. It can be over this range.
  4.   Make sure you avoid going to the toilet. Wait till you are full. Also, urinate twice before you take the test.
  5.   Finally, the next time you urinate is at the test center where you submit your clear sample.

What Are the Drinking Baking Soda Dangers You Should Know About?

You can consume sodium bicarbonate in smaller doses. This is fine and doesn’t include severe side effects. But when you are desperate to clear a drug test, you tend to overdo it. Do not use tons of baking soda to help pass the test. Taking an overdose of baking soda does have its side effects. For example, it can cause metabolic or nervous system issues.

According to a report published by Missouri’s poison control system, a desperate man wanted to beat a urine drug test using baking soda. Consuming an excess amount of baking soda resulted in a hole in the stomach for that person.

Gastric Rupture


Consuming lots of baking soda at once can cause a gaseous form of carbon dioxide. This happens when it gets in contact with the acidic elements or substances in the stomach. When there is an increase in carbon dioxide gas, tears can occur in the stomach lining. In worst-case scenarios, it can cause a gastric rupture. If not treated immediately, you can be in danger.

Diarrhea, Dehydration, and Vomiting


There are large quantities of sodium in the baking soda. Thus, consuming lots of baking soda can drastically increase the sodium levels in your blood. This will lead to vomiting and diarrhea which can cause serious discomfort.

Hike in Blood Pressure


If you are an individual who has high BP issues, then taking baking soda is not a great idea.

Heart Problems


People usually take baking soda to ensure their pH levels are at a normal level. But if you consume too much sodium bicarbonate, it can raise the pH levels. In addition, it will make your blood alkaline. This may interfere with the cardiac function of the heart.

There are some side effects if you consume an excess of sodium bicarbonate.

  •       Thirsts
  •       Constant urination
  •       Fatigue
  •       Muscle spasms
  •       Headaches
  •       Lower limbs swelling
  •       Feelings of stomach swelling

Diarrhea, Dehydration, and Vomiting


There are large quantities of sodium in the baking soda. Thus, consuming lots of baking soda can drastically increase the sodium levels in your blood. This will lead to vomiting and diarrhea which can cause serious discomfort. Thus, we advise you not to have too much baking soda for weed detoxing purposes.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test Using Baking Soda?


If there is THC in your system, it is best to use baking soda to mask it. Using baking soda gives you a better chance of clearing the drug test. It begins with your kidneys filtering baking soda. And this now enters the bloodstream. So, this keeps weed away from the picture. This is how using baking soda can mask the presence of weeds and other drugs in the system.

The best way to use sodium bicarbonate is to consume it before the test. Have it around a couple of hours before the drug test. People usually believe that sodium bicarbonate cleanses the system.

How Can I Get Weed Out of My System Fast?


A simple hack to help get weed out of your system is to drink tons of water. Increasing your water intake will eliminate the presence of drugs. Also, when you urinate frequently, it causes the removal of THC and other drugs. Remember, not to overdo it. You need to stay hydrated and cleanse your body. But never stuff your body with too much water.

The Best Defense for  Positive Drug Test


The best way to increase your chances to get weed out of your system is to use fake urine to pass drug tests. Some synthetic urine brands like Quick Fix and Powdered Human Urine from TestClear are scientifically tested to pass a urine drug test.

If you want to know how to pass a mouth swab drug test for weed you can try out detox mouthwashes. There are plenty of detox drinks available in the market. These can help you clear the drug test while adding to your fluid intake. Try having cranberry or apple cider vinegar juice. According to popular beliefs, these juices also help in detoxing. You can also use detox pills to cleanse your body.



Q: What is the time frame for methamphetamine to eliminate the system?

A: The recommended time frame is around 4-7 days.

Q: Can you use baking soda to clear drug tests for meth?

A: Yes. You can use baking soda for meth. All you need to do is take 8 ounces of water and add around half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. Have this solution every 2 hours. You can start drinking it early morning and go on for 6 hours before the test.

Q: Which is better: baking soda or certo?

A: Both work well to clear drug tests. While baking soda causes the body to be alkaline, Certo prevents toxins from entering pee. So, there is no exact evidence for which one works better or gives you definite results.

Q: How much time do you need to clear home drug tests using sodium bicarbonate?

A: Taking the baking soda around 6 hours before the drug test is best. If you do that, it gives you a 5-hour time frame where you will test negative.

Q: When should I take baking soda to clear a test after consuming meth?

A: It is recommended that you take the soda around 6 hours before the test.

Reviews From Social Media


Positive Review



The baking soda flush worked well for this Reddit user passing both the home and laboratory drug tests.


So, according to this Quora user, baking soda does work even though it might cause frequent urination problems. Also, he suggests not smoking for a few hours which isn’t much when your career is on the line.

Negative Review


The Reddit user goes into detail about why baking soda won’t help with the upcoming urine drug tests. He suggests that people should allow the body to naturally flush out toxins.


This Reddit user also thinks that baking soda isn’t able to flush drugs and recommended going for a natural method instead.


Final Words


Consuming baking soda will help you pass drug tests if you use meth. Remember that this works only for a short period. That is, it works for only a couple of hours.  Some evidence points it out. You can take baking soda around 3 hours before the test.

However, this method will not work for all types of drugs. Not to mention, the health risks baking soda abuse might cause such as creating an imbalance in the electrolyte and acid levels in the system.

In some cases, many drug testing results come out positive with the method mentioned above. And this can lead to losing a great job opportunity. Use detox drinks to pass drug test. Alternatively, you can dilute your urine for drug tests.

The disadvantage of taking too much baking soda is that it can cause an upset stomach. So, remember to use it carefully. You can increase your chances of getting a negative drug test by using powdered urine or Toxin Rid products.

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